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From the Creator

"When there was a Blum's in San Mateo, it was our middle daughter's favorite place to purchase her birthday cake. She, as I, preferred the Lemon Crunch Cake which was not always offered at the store. The favorite of the public and the original seemingly was the Coffee or Mocha Crunch Cake. 


My middle daughter was working at Hillsdale Mall and bought me a bag of candy one day. The candy (Honey Comb) was the crunch I remembered from the crunch cake. I started making the cake for my colleagues at work, but it became too expensive to continue to just give away so I started selling it. Voila! Claire's Crunch Cake.


When the cake was purchased from Blums, it had been sitting in the display case and the crunch turned into big puffy masses on the top and sides of the cake. It was heavenly. I prefer to use all of the material from the crunch and cover the entire cake. Waste not, want not! The crunch absorbs the flavor of the topping and that makes the cake even tastier! 


I have added several flavors. At one time I made Banana Crunch Cake, but no one has requested that in years. I now make the two mentioned above and have added Strawberry with fresh uncut berries. When the cake is cut it is  beautiful. There is also a Chocolate Crunch Cake. This is a favorite of chocoholics. It is sold with either a chocolate topping or the delectable coffee/mocha topping.


I have added one we call Tropical Crunch Cake, this one has Mandarin oranges, kiwi, and sliced strawberries. It is a favorite of many but costs more, (more ingredients). 


We have ventured beyond crunch cakes and make Coconut Cake, embellished with crushed or tiny sliced pineapple pieces, and the venerable Pineapple Upside Down Cake, which has to be made in a skillet, swim in butter, and is blended with luscious brown sugar. "

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